Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Couple of pages and my husband's tomato's

My husband ask me to buy some tomato plants a couple of months ago. Looky here. They are getting so big. We are going to have to put some stakes up before long. I had hoped that at least one would grow for the kids. (They helped him plant them) But man, they are HUGE!!!! Now I just want to see the tomatoes. Come on girls. Why of course they they are girls!
I also purchased some peppers. They look great too. Not as big as the tomato plants but doing great.
It's that Miracle Grow I tell you. I don't plant anything, I mean my husband doesn't plant anything for me without Miracle Grow.:)
Here are the pictures from a couple of months ago when they planted them. My, they have grown.

Now on to a few pages I have been working on.
This is my neice Olivia. I know, she is so beautiful.  
I love the purple. Her mom has never liked the idea of pink. Not a girly girl. (I love you Caren!) She has always liked purple, so I thought Purple it is! Whats that Caren? Did I hear you say you wanted this? Hmmmm.
I love it!!!!!!!!! This is some My Minds Eye paper I have had. Of course the flowers are Prima flowers. The flower ribbon came from Hobby Lobby in the fabric dept. By the yard. Little pricey but so worth it. They have a few different colors. 
And one of my girl.
So beautiful. Getting so big.
This paper is from the My Minds Eye's Tres Jolie line. Older, but I like it so much. Can't get rid of it and always go back to it. So vintage!
Prima flowers and leaves of course.

And last but not least.... A not from Grant.
Notice he did have all the letters in his name. Maybe not in order, but they are there.


Have a great Wednesday!

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Michelle Whitlow said...

Cute layouts :)

...and hi Grant :)