Thursday, May 6, 2010


                                  Blake picked the green flower for me. Boy does he know me.
I remember seeing these cards around Valentine's Day over at 24-7-365. They had suckers in them for the occasion. I figured flowers would be perfect for Mother's Day and make cards out of them. I took paper, permanent adhesive, a swivel blade , and we printed the pictures on plain paper. The kids were all asking "Why am I taking a picture like this?" I told them to act like they were holding a handfull of flowers. There were 19 kids and I was asked 19 times. Gotta love em!!! So here's how they turned out.

First the picture
This is one of our friends

Then the flower and card added

So cute! I love how they turned out. I was afraid the flowers would be too big in comparison to the lollipops.
               The pictures look a little washed out here, but they do print well on regular paper.
  Not so bad huh?  Here are some of the others.

Grant got in a little golf while Abby was practicing today. He had a little friend come and join in. They were too cute.
OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!
"I got a golf"  
This little boy was so cute. I am not too sure if Grant thought so. He picked everything up and started heading to the other end of  the bleachers. Of course I encouraged him to stay and play. He pretty much chased all the balls the little boy hit cause he was scared he would loose one. When we left, he asked if he could go and play golf now. So funny! He needs to learn to share.
He loved his new golf set. It was $8 and two of the clubs are broken already, but that victory picture is worth every penny. 
I am so tired so I am checking in early tonight. See yall tomorrow.


Alissa said...

they turned out SOOO cute!

i have really loved seeing others' incarnations of this little project!
thanks for sharing.

Michelle Whitlow said...

love those cards!!