Thursday, February 18, 2010

My $6 clearance find is now priceless!

I found these 3 wooden plaques in the 80% of section of Hobby Lobby. They were $2 a piece and I really liked the look of the toile but couldn't get passed the cow and pig center. Hmmmm. I thought 3 plaques....  I three children..... I have a project. Yeah!!

I came home and found three of my favorite pictures and printed them out in blake and white. I used plain cardstock. It covers the underlying print and takes to the mod podge better that photo paper.

I used a piece of vellum and traced the inside of the oval frame. I like the look of the frame so I kept it. You could place a square picture in the middle and create your own frame. The options are endless. Then I used the oval template to cut out my pictures. The vellum made it easy for me to center my subject in the oval. I cut out my three pictures and used a little mod podge in the center where the pictures were going.


After that dried I used my sponge brush and started with the top brushing it with mod podge from the left to the right until the whole plaque was coated. You only want a thin layer. I like the gloss-luster myself. It has a little sheen to it. Let them dry and use a permanent marker to cover any scratches and there you have it.

They actually look like frames. This table is in our foyer where all the traffic is and I have to be careful what I put on it. These are wood blocks and there is no glass involved. Purfect!!!!  

I hope you like them as much as I do.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Issues with potty training!!!!!

About four months ago, while potty training, we tried to put underwear on Grant and no luck. He peed in his pants everytime. Since then I put him in pull ups and we have been working on it again. He does very well at school and does #2 in the potty at home always. But the other day while playing his Nintendo DS he did not take the time out to use the bathroom. He was too busy! So, I took the DS away and told him if he wasn't big enough to go to the potty, he wasn't big enough to play a DS. Everything got quiet so I went looking for him..... Calling his name.....  No answer. I knew he was in the livingroom last so I looked behind the couch and guess who I found?

He said "I not playing my DS."  I don't think I am getting through, do you? He had the volume turned all the way down so I couldn't here him playing. Help!!!!!!!!!!! This is the same child that after I told him to go to bed because he had school (mothers morning out preschool) he proceeds to tell me "I not going to school, I sick." He is too smart for his own britches. HaHa! 
He's 3 1/2 and can identify all his #'s and letter's. I am being played!  Look at that face!  Guilty,I am wrapped! He is too much like his Daddy!!!!

Enough for today,

Monday, February 15, 2010

Abby's Room Makeover

A couple of years ago we bought this dresser for Abby. At the time I did not have the time to paint it. Well this weekend was the weekend to get things done. I was walking around Hobby Lobby and cha-ching there was the cutest chandalier just sitting there calling Abby's my name. I purchased a Pottery Barn canopy off  Ebay a couple of yrs ago and have hung it a couple of times. It cept falling out of the ceiling. I had my brother come over and do it right this time. Abby loves the look.
Dresser before..
Dresser and the picket fence shelf after a good paint job.
This is a view of the canopy and her new chandelier hanging inside.

I am trying to talk her out of that white shelf, but she said she read somewhere that old was good. HaHa! I feel like I have a little Martha Stewart on my hands. 
I think she likes it. She now has her own art corner. She painted the OMG and the LOL canvas' in her room. We are still working on one last corner in her room and purging. The last corner consist of her bookshelf and desk. We saved the toughest for the end.

My first try at Guacamole.

It was so good and I would love to give you the recipe but by the time I was done I had no idea how much of anything I had put in there. It called for Avocados,lemon juice,clove of garlic,tomato, onion,cumin,and hot pepper sauce. My version consisted of Avocados, lemon juice, tomato,some onion, no cumin, hot sauce, garlic salt, and after talking to my sister in law, some sour cream. See, I told you! Even after I thought I was done, I still kept adding to it. My mother and Blake would taste it and say "well maybe some of this....." and after another bite, "well maybe some of that." In the end it was pretty darn good. 

Happy Valentines Day to me!
I love love love love love love love it. My husband and son picked this out on their own. Blake told the lady it was from him and his brother and his sister.  He was so proud. Not as proud as my husband though. And neither one of them could have been happier than me. I will cherish it always. Thank you hunny. I love you! And thank you my babies, I love yall too!

I hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day and  to some a good long weekend.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Luxury Camp Out

The kids had this wonderful idea to have a camp out. You know what this means, I get no sleep. Either I sleep on the hard floor or try to sleep sitting up. We now have this seat and a half and it lets out into a twin bed. So, after we all fought over sleeping on it, we decided that the boys would share a turn and Abby would get it next. Yes, I was left out all together.
This is how we started out:
This was about two in the morning.

This was around five o'clock.

I never heard a word. They totally switched places. It amazes me considering I didn't think there was enough room to begin with. How do they do that? I am such a light sleeper.

I didn't think Abby looked too comfortable so I sent her to my bed.  They always think it is a treat to sleep with us. She got my side of the bed all to herself. This is where I slept for the night. Yes, I am a little sleep deprived, but I am not feeling it right now. Maybe tommorrow. Oh no, not in church! JK! I love our preacher, there is no way to fall asleep with him.

One last thing. Abby's teacher handed out this blue piece of paper with everyones name on it. She said that for Valentine's Day she wanted everyone to write a compliment by each name and hand it out as a Valentine. I know I have mentioned how great she is, but she has totally exceeded my expectations of a teacher. She is Wonderwomen. I love her! She always knows exactly where each student is and has a way of making them want more for themselves. I wish I could clone her. Abby would never have another teacher.  This is what Abby had in her bag.
*Thank you for being so nice.       *You are pretty    
*You are kind.                             *You are smart
*Your quiet, smart, and nice         * Very smart
*You are a good friend                 *You are a nice kid
*You are the quietest person in the class
*I like the clothes that you wear
*You have been in my class          *Your very smart
*Is quiet                                       *Your smart
*Me!!!! (this was hers)                 *You wear cool clothes
*Thank you for your kindness       *frst
*You are very kind                       *Keep up the good work
*helps me out half the times           *You have cool clothes
*She is quiet, but I love when she talks. From: Kennedy
 I must say I am a proud Mama. I feel the same about her, but its great to hear that her peirs feel the same way. I have no idea what the "frst" is. Have any ideas? I don't know all the text lingo so I hope it is not something bad. My favorite is the last one. This one is one of her dear friends and she sums Abby up perfectly. She is quiet, but when she has something to say it is either worth saying or just too funny.
I thought this was so sweet and such a great idea. Simple acts of kindness. Please pass this on to all the teachers you know. Abby is 9 going on 22, but I loved seeing how she felt when we were reading them.

Friday, February 12, 2010



We started off the day with the kids in three different locations. One spent the night with a friend, another spent the night with Mimi, and the other at home with me. It started snowing and all I could think of was cake, present, children, pictures of children in snow, ice cream, etc. I guess by now you can see that I am a procrastinator. Well, yeah I am, but the past two days I felt like I was trying to come down with something. I am feeling better today and just in time for my hunny's birthday and some beautiful snow. Blake kept saying, "I can't believe it's snowing on daddy's birthday". So sweet!

He loved the cake!!! How could he not? Chocolate + Alabama = His two favorite things.

Our fun filled day with snow:

When we went to pick up Blake, they were outside playing in the snow. He started throwing snowballs at us and Grant was yelling "We gonna get it".

And we did!

Outside playing in the snow was so much fun. I know some people think that the south shuts down the towns when it snows because we can't handle it, but I truely believe they do it so that we can enjoy our ONE day of snow every five years. HaHa!! We have been lucky though, we have had a little snow for two years now. I do mean little.

Yes, this is an inflatable pool boat. Only in the south. Hey, whatever works. The one thing you don't see in this picture is the concrete road at the bottom of this hill. I was so scared, but everthing turned out OK.

I  must say that is one handsome birthday boy! Look at that smile on Grants face. It speaks volumns. Boy, I love my family, and thank you Lord for all this beautiful snow on such a special day.

Just enough to enjoy, but not enough to annoy!

Blake also had a tooth fall out. By fall out I mean he and his cousin were play fighting and he got the bad end of the deal. Thank goodness it was somewhat loose and a baby tooth. Of course he sees dollar signs. It was great though because we just went to see the movie Toothfairy. It was so funny. My daughter said whoever came up with the idea of the Rock playing the toothfairy was brilliant. (She's 9) Of course I thought the same thing, but for entirely different reasons.:)  I don't think I will ever be able to look at him and not think of that tutu. He sure does make that pink tutu look good. It's a must see!!!!!! :) Man, I lost my train of thought. HeeHee! Anyway, I told Blake to put his tooth on this bowl so he did not loose it. He did not listen and guess what? Yep,  it fell into that black hole under my entertainment center. He cried saying if they didn't get the tooth, he wouldn't get the money. I felt so bad that I got the flashlight and a long ruler and went to searching. We found it thank goodness. We did not have to call the toothfairy and postpone the visit until we found it.:)  Here is my sweet snaggle tooth.
I hope you all had a good day. It's late and that cake is calling my name. I must go to sleep before I give in.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


STAY AWAY GIRLS!!!!!! He's mine! 

Welcome, Sugar!

My brother got a new puppy. Isn't she cute? She's a white boxer and man I could just eat her up. Her name for now is sugar. My nephew pronounces it Shuuuga. He has the cutest southern drawl. I have him say my name over and over just to hear him say it. She couldn't have found a better home.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine Goodies

Mom was down town today and look what she brought for my babies.

Do you see a little nose in this picture. This is what usually happens to anything Grant is eating. Ellie knows exactly who she can steal from. We laughed when we saw this picture because Grant hollars all the time about Ellie eating his food.

Here are a couple of  pictures of my little buddy getting ready for his valentine party.


This is mother helping my nephew get ready for his party too.

They are one year apart and their rooms are next to each other at preschool.  They are so close  and I love to watch them. If one has something, the other has to have one too. I am getting used to buying 4 of everything. He is one of mine pretty much. He does actually look like my baby pictures so I guess he could pass for mine. Sweet boys!

 And were done! I think they turned out pretty cute. Trucks and puppies, what more could a boy ask for?

We were gone this weekend and my house is a disaster so I better get to cleaning. 

Monday, February 8, 2010

Back from an AWESOME weekend!

Just me and my hubby in this snazzy condo. 

Wow is all I can say.  I want that bathroom. The den was average. We had 2 bd and 2 ba plus a room with bunkbeds. More than enough room for two people. Very nice.

                                                                   McGuire's Irish Pub
Friday night after coctails we headed accross the street to this neatest resturant.  There was money hanging from the ceilings and all over the walls. I think the menu said there were 900 thousand plus $1 bills in the whole building. I guess if business turned bad there's a mortgage payment. Who is the genius behind that one?   Note to self: If you open a business.......... JK! Pretty smart though.

I met some really sweet people this weedend. We are very lucky that Hal works for such a great company. They seem to really care about him.
Saturday was SHOPPING TIME! I went with Cammie and Ivy and had a great time. I had just met them but did not feel like I was out of place at all. Great shopping pals! They talked me into my first COACH purse. I told you they were good. I love it, but I can't have it till March. I bought the boys some shirts and Abby and mom a couple of surprises. Then Sunday I went to Old Time Pottery. I love love love this place. I had to get my brother a few things for his house. Can't beat the prices. Then back to the outlets so Hal can go the Nike and Under Armour store. Of course I made myself useful and went to Children's Place. Just being a good Mom. What can I say? :)

I came home to two very happy kids. They about knocked me down in the doorway. Yes, I said two kids. The third one (Grant) did not even notice me from playing his Nintendo DS. He did not even want me to give him a hug. Little Turd!!!! He better be careful, that just might be thrown away. Accidentally, of course!

I hope you all had a good weekend as well.