Monday, March 29, 2010

A quick story. BEWARE

We were going to let Grant off at Mimi's house on our way to the ballfield. We rounded the corner and I see Abby hop off her seat and hollar EW EW ROADKILL! I about ran off the road. I said "what"? She begins to tell me that her and Mimi have been looking at this squirell or something for the last few days. She added that it is "kewel"(cool) because it had blown up the last time she went by. (It is now flat)  Can I say GROSS! I told her that girls are not supposed to like that type of stuff. Her response was "Who says?" We do not live in the country and this is not something we see all the time. I hope this is why it is so neat to her.  Please let that be the case!!!!!! Although, her favorite classes are math and science. Yuck Yuck YuckYuckYuck!!!  Even my son said gross.
I know yall wanted to hear about this. I just had to document this so she can see this in a few years when she is 15 and knows everything and thinks everything is gross. Or will she?

Lady Braves 3-3 Awesome game today, but tough. Yeah!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

One crafty weekend!

I have been a little crafty this weekend due to my son being sick (strep). Not so fun! I get emails from lifemadecreations and  the other day and I loved her idea of having a top 100 layout. I mean who can really list only 10 things they like. I want my kids and grandkids to know more about me at age 38 in yrs to come. This is her page.

You can find her blog here. FUN! I had to do my own. I only changed a my background colors and added a few stamps.  My daughter is now writing her top 50 so we can do one for her. Kinda catchy huh? Do one! It was so much fun, but it did take some time. Near the end I had to add a + after my 100 because I had extra room to fill up. That was a pain too! haha :) Enough said, here is mine.

I must say this was one page I had a lot fun making. Let me know if you decide to make one. I would love to see.
I have been working on some items for my spring swap partner. I hope she will like them.
Just a little sneak peak!
Hehe! Wonder what it is? You will have to wait and see. We swap on April 9th.

I hope you all had a great weekend!
Dodgers 5-0 UNDEFEATED!!!!! (We really wanted this one because the coach on the other team takes this all too serious. He really needed a reality check. Life did not end when he lost!!!)
Lady Braves 2-3  Abby's first year has been so fun. She loves it! YEAH!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

To all you rude people out there, BITE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me start with yesterday. Grant, Mimi and I went to Sams. There was this lady playing with him, pretending she was going too fast. He held out his hand for her to stop. She did and he gave her a $16 ticket.
Such a sweet lady!!!!! Apperently she either had a grandchild/grandchildren or worked with children. So sweet!  This was a normal day for us. 
Today, I went to Hobby Lobby to pick up a few things to get ready for my spring swap. I was in the scrapbooking paper isle. If you've have ever been there you know how little the buggies are. I had a roll of wrapping paper laying accross the front cause Grant was in the back. This lady (?itch) comes by. As I am trying to move the paper and my buggy for her to get by, Grant says "Hey Lady, Hey Lady!" I told him to say Mam. So he says " Mam that will be $20 peees." (he learned from the SWEET lady yesterday) The lady looked at me perturbed and said "You better move his hands." WHAT????????? She repeated!  I went on to say "YOU ARE REDICULOUS!!!!!"  She said "Yes, it is aint it"?(while looking at my son) We went back and forth for a minute. Let me tell you, long story short, I was ready to pounce! You hear of those crazy people in the paper. Well I was about to be one! You don't mess with my babies.
What in the heck are people like that doing out and about. Let me just say, she didn't belong in that section because I have never met a scrapbooker that had no heart. Especially for children. She needed to be locked up somewhere. I was so mad and everytime I think of it my blood boils. I am so thankful that my mother raised me right. I could have said so many things, but I was not about to show my son a bad example.
After she walked off Grant looked at me and said " Mommy, I do noffing wrong?" Absolutley not baby!" I said "I am ashamed of what some people have become" (so she could hear it). Grant is the sweetest child. Always smiling and laughing and talking to everyone. I have never seen a woman so mean. The look in her eyes. I am going to pray for her. She needs it.
                        On to something that makes my heart sing.           
I forgot to take a before picture. I could have kicked my but. It was on the side of the road for sale.  $35 WooHoo!!!!!!
This is the back and the front was close to the same brown and old. It needed a little TLC!
And here it is after with some black paint and some new silver knobs.

OMG!!!!!! She is BEAUTIFUL! Can you believe I am letting her live at my brothers house? I must find him another piece and get her back. This piece reminds me of a piece my Papa used to have that held a record player in it. I am so attached. I love oldies. She has so much character. Tongue and grove drawers. AHHHHHHH I told you she was a find. Love it!!!! 

On a smaller scale. I found this little tray at Hobby Lobby in the 90% off section. It was $20 and I got it for $2. Can't beat that! It was broken, but I had a vision.  
See the chip in the top right?
Add a little flower boquet and some jewelry and there you have it.

A little girls jewelry tray.A diamond in the ruff. So beautiful! 

Look at my little CHEESER.
He helped himself to my brothers cheese puffs while I painted. Now, who could be mean to this. Nobody better, or else. Remember, my mom taught me well! Let's hope tomorrow is a better day.
See yall later,

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My first layout for the blog.

I haven't been scrapping like I should. I mentioned in my new years resolution that I was going to make a point to try and catch up. If possible? I can't even tell you how behind I am.
(grant isnm typing for me. bvcfgdrewqab lakeabbmnjrtnfsbhg bbnfhfffueredhcfhxmxghbc, cv  vxgd )
Grant wanted to do a little typing. Now you see why I am so behind. That is OK, I can catch up later. I want to enjoy every moment!
 I decided last night that I was going to finish one page before I went to bed. So here it is. I know  Michelle is going to be so proud of me. Maybe she can give me some hints on taking closer pictures of my pages.

I found this Prima ribbon and leaves at Micheal's. The paper is My Minds Eye Home (glitter pad). The pearl swirls and the grey flower are Prima also. One Jenni Bowlin chipboard button (reader).  Black cardstock. . I ordered the journaling tags from etsy@boysmamaxtwo. The rest is a hodgepodge of other items I have collected.

One down. A million more to go.
My daughter comes home every afternoon, walks in the door, and sits down and completes her homework. This is what she has done since kindergarten. Yes, at the time, she had dance two days a week. Our rule is, if homework is not done, there is nothing else done. I  don't even have to ask her, she gets right to it. She is so focused. Very goal oriented. I am so proud of her! She must get this from her dad because I am Mrs. Procrastinator. I just want to make sure she has fun. She is a child and these are the days you are supposed to rememer forever. Stay focused Sissy and have fun!

This is why I was able to finish a page.
They are best friends! Both play till they drop. Can you guess what my next page will be about?

Gotta go, gotta get shopping for my big swap hosted by shortmama. She is GREAT!

Monday, March 22, 2010

I guess I am of no use anymore?

It's official! Grant can now find his own supper (icecream?) and feed the dog too.

 Thats right, no need in messing up another spoon.
He's a big help!

 What's left for me? Oh yeah, clean the clothes, fold clothes, pick up toys, clean house, cook, taxi service, organize our days, grocery shop (yuck!), and the list goes on. Maybe I should stick around. ;) I sure do love my job!

Happy Monday!

Busy Weekend / Quick Trip Down Memory Lane

We were so busy this weekend I did not have time to take one picture. Hal had a class in Utah and we are so glad he is back. He mentioned in one of our phone calls that he picked the perfect weekend to leave. HaHa, funny hunny!!! Abby had pictures at 9:30 and a game at 11:00a.m. Blake had pictures at 10:00 and a game at 12:30 p.m. I had consession stand duty from 10:00 to 12:00.  Do you see some overlaping here? They had the pictures across the street from the field and if you don't work your shift in the CS your kid does not play in the game.  I won't bore you with how it all worked out, but I will say "Mom you came through for me again." Whoever out there thinks they have the best mom in the world, I have you beat!!!!! Thank you Mom, I love you!!!  
I woke up this morning with a migrain and stayed in bed so now I am up all night on the computer going through pictures. These are some of my favorite.
My sweet family!

Two cool dudes after Caren or Cara finished with them. **** A kiss from brother, YUK!!! :)
Olivia, my neice, learning very early that Nikon rocks! **** Grant was so chunky. I call him my chunky monkey.

Blake is one of a kind! **** Ellie has stollen 10 or more stuffed animals from the kids rooms. She is so cute!

 I know I said I am glad Abby
is trying something new for a
change, but I sure do miss these
costumes. Ballet, tap, and Hip Hop.

These are just a quick few I ran across. I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Brooklyn Dodgers 3-0
Lady Braves 1-2

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Go Lady Braves!

Yesterday was Abby's first game.  She loved it. They did not win, but it was a good game.They held them for the first 4 innings and then the other team had a really good hit that scored 3 runs. I am so excited for Abby to step out of her comfort zone and try something new. Softball was a really good choice I must say.:)
A wish came true.

This ball got past her, but the next one sure didn't. Way to go sissy!!!!
Abby showing me how to get ready for a ground ball.
  Thank you lord for giving her those long arms and legs.
I guess he didn't have enough to go around when I was born.:) 

Another win!
   Dodgers 2-0

We really have a good group of boys this year and a great group of parents. By good, I mean dedicated. (definately makes a difference) Good coaches! Can you tell I am happy? Our coaches are there for the fun of the game and to teach the fundamentals. Of course they want to win, but they want the boys to love the game as well.  Keep up the good work boys!


Happy St. Patricks Day

Ellie's a big cheeser!
From our family to yours!

I found this over at  and thought I must share.

How Funny!

I am participating in my first swap with Shortmama. I am so excited and I am ready to go shopping right now. I don't even know who I am going to be paired with and I can't wait. Nothing like making a new friend. If it is not too late, run on over and sign up.  Maybe you will be paired with me and I can get you some great goodies. See ya! 

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Brooklyn Dodgers 1-0

Blake was supposed to have his first game on saturday the 13th, but they were rained out. Last night was our make up game and the boys were great! Before the game, Blake took one right in the nose. I was told it was a good one. Glad I wasn't there. But I was there to see him catch a infield fly, throw someone out on first, and get an awesome hit. I am loving it! He did get the game ball for being so tough. Thats my boy!!

The famous chicken baskets. Blake can't leave the ballfield without one. A weakness of mine too. 
Look at that chicken basket! Absolutely nothing was left when he was done.  
Here's Grant just enjoying the free time to roam. This will be his second home for the next few months, I am glad he enjoys it. He was all over the place. Makes it hard to watch a full game. One mother called him a little green pea. Maybe I should think of that the next time I choose a jacket. He sure was easy to spot. :)

Little Cutie Patootie!
Hal and I were going over the game schedules last night and I looked at him and said "You do realize we have no more date nights?"  Our lives consist of ball now and we have another one starting Tball next year. Now we know how our parents felt. Our lives are filled with so much fun and awesomeness (my word) and we are so thankful for every minute of it. It brings back so many memories, I am just on the other side of the fence this time. Hal is lucky, he is coaching and gets to be on the field. Turkey!!!!

Off to another adventure,

Beautiful day for a luau!

Happy Birthday Abby!!!

Saturday was Abby's luau birthday party. We were really scared that morning we were going to be rained out, but it turned out beautiful. Addison and her mother saw a rainbow on their way to the party. Good sign!!!
We started out with this chocolate fountain and I must say was a HUGE hit. Already a request for the next two. Yummy!!!! I had bananas, strawberries, cookies, and angle food cake. Mmmmmmm.

We played games. Here is my birthday girl and friends during the hula hoop contest. My son (in the red) won the contest. He is awesome. He was showing off for the girls and turning around while hula hooping. He also added " Now whatcha got"?  I have trouble on my hands, I can see it now.

We then moved on to the Mummy Wrap game. SOOOO halarious! I googled party games and found this one. Object to this game is to wrap someone completely without tearing the paper. Doesn't look that hard does it?   

Aunt Caren and cousin Carly wrapped up dad. I threw them another roll "just in case".:) 

 We did the limbo, but the Mummy Wrap was hard to beat.

The girls made this one up on their on.They called it  Freeze Dance. When the music stops, you freeze.
I got in on a couple and you have to be on your toes.
They were having so much fun, I had to make them stop for cake and presents. My favorite part!

I forgot to mention to the bakery that Abby is 10 going on 21. Suprisingly, Abby really loved the girls on top. They were Kelly kids and they were cute!
Thank you to our family and friends for coming and celebrating Abby's birthday with us.
It meant a lot to her!