Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Welcome Baby Hannah

We visited baby Hannah a couple of weeks ago and I took a few pictures of her. She weighed a little over 4lbs. So sweet! So small! I want her. All she did was sleep and eat. Here is our little photo session. Of course I am no photographer and we had to make our backdrops and sets. I keep saying I am going to take a class to learn more about my camera but.........remember my list from yesterday??????? Things just keep coming up. HA!
Here she is..

My favorite!!!

Lighting not so good, but one of my favorites. 

Hannah was sitting in a hat box.

This was a tiny tiny crate.

We used her aunts dress as a backdrop for some color.

She is smiling. Awwwww! At 4lbs there is not enough to pinch. Soon enough.
I am so jealous! I don't even have pictures like this of my own kids. Don't you just love her? 

Till next time.  

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