Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

We have had a ball this fall. Ha! Cute! I don't think we have stopped for the last three months. I feel like I could just take a week off from all this hussel and bussel. Not gonna happen though. Here comes Thanksgiving and Christmas. School parties,  secret santa, ornament swaps, pta party, family parties and get togethers. Not letting off any time soon, but that is Ok, I love being with friends and family.

Pictures from our trick or treating fun! We borrowed my brothers trailer, added some hay and friends, and took off for a night full of fun.  

Daddy made me drive home so he could hang out with the boys in the back on the way home. FUN!!!!

Fall festival time.

Thanks to Aunt Chris and Aunt Linda for making Abby's skirt. It is beautiful and she was so happy!!!

My little boo crew off to the church fall festival.
We have Brantley as the central football player, Abby as the 80's girl (her skirt was not ready and she had to wear one of her dance costumes), Blake as the Warriors baseball player (he had a makeup game so he had wear his uniform), and Grant as the Bumblebee from Transformers.

So much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

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