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Thursday, May 6, 2010


                                  Blake picked the green flower for me. Boy does he know me.
I remember seeing these cards around Valentine's Day over at 24-7-365. They had suckers in them for the occasion. I figured flowers would be perfect for Mother's Day and make cards out of them. I took paper, permanent adhesive, a swivel blade , and we printed the pictures on plain paper. The kids were all asking "Why am I taking a picture like this?" I told them to act like they were holding a handfull of flowers. There were 19 kids and I was asked 19 times. Gotta love em!!! So here's how they turned out.

First the picture
This is one of our friends

Then the flower and card added

So cute! I love how they turned out. I was afraid the flowers would be too big in comparison to the lollipops.
               The pictures look a little washed out here, but they do print well on regular paper.
  Not so bad huh?  Here are some of the others.

Grant got in a little golf while Abby was practicing today. He had a little friend come and join in. They were too cute.
OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!
"I got a golf"  
This little boy was so cute. I am not too sure if Grant thought so. He picked everything up and started heading to the other end of  the bleachers. Of course I encouraged him to stay and play. He pretty much chased all the balls the little boy hit cause he was scared he would loose one. When we left, he asked if he could go and play golf now. So funny! He needs to learn to share.
He loved his new golf set. It was $8 and two of the clubs are broken already, but that victory picture is worth every penny. 
I am so tired so I am checking in early tonight. See yall tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Couple of pages and my husband's tomato's

My husband ask me to buy some tomato plants a couple of months ago. Looky here. They are getting so big. We are going to have to put some stakes up before long. I had hoped that at least one would grow for the kids. (They helped him plant them) But man, they are HUGE!!!! Now I just want to see the tomatoes. Come on girls. Why of course they they are girls!
I also purchased some peppers. They look great too. Not as big as the tomato plants but doing great.
It's that Miracle Grow I tell you. I don't plant anything, I mean my husband doesn't plant anything for me without Miracle Grow.:)
Here are the pictures from a couple of months ago when they planted them. My, they have grown.

Now on to a few pages I have been working on.
This is my neice Olivia. I know, she is so beautiful.  
I love the purple. Her mom has never liked the idea of pink. Not a girly girl. (I love you Caren!) She has always liked purple, so I thought Purple it is! Whats that Caren? Did I hear you say you wanted this? Hmmmm.
I love it!!!!!!!!! This is some My Minds Eye paper I have had. Of course the flowers are Prima flowers. The flower ribbon came from Hobby Lobby in the fabric dept. By the yard. Little pricey but so worth it. They have a few different colors. 
And one of my girl.
So beautiful. Getting so big.
This paper is from the My Minds Eye's Tres Jolie line. Older, but I like it so much. Can't get rid of it and always go back to it. So vintage!
Prima flowers and leaves of course.

And last but not least.... A not from Grant.
Notice he did have all the letters in his name. Maybe not in order, but they are there.


Have a great Wednesday!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

One of my little creations to share

We use ours as a channel changer caddy. It's perfect if you have multiple changers like we do. There are four medium slots and and one large slot that will hold two changers. I have made these for teachers gifts. (desk caddies) The uses are endless. I really could use one of these in every room of the house. You can customize them with your colors, there great! I hope you enjoy. 
I am now going to show you how to make them. First, head to one my favorite places, Hobby Lobby. The caddy's are located in the unfinished wood section. They look like this.

You can choose any unfinished peice that would fit your needs.
I have already painted mine with a shimmer paint. I like the wood look, so I found a shimmer glaze paint.
The bottom looks like this.
It twirls around and is great for easy access. They run, I think, $5.99. Use a coupon or wait for the unfinished wood to go on sell. Usually 30% off.  I don't think 6 bucks is bad for such a great piece.
Then find paper that you like and cut to size. I layed mine down and traced an outline for the sides. 
I chose little birdies for my spring swap partner. Look how pretty! :)
You need to put a layer of mod podge under the paper and on top. (Just in case there is someone that hasn't done this before.) Also make sure you make clean strait strokes (say that 10 times) with your brush. When it drys you will be able to see any flaws. 
Find some embellishments that you love and go to town. I chose ribbon and flowers for the spring theme. I kept it pretty basic. I didn't really know Terry's (my spring swap partner) style.  I had to add some "bling" because I just love shimmer.
This is a side view.
And the front again.

Everyone I give these to just love them, so add these to your list of crafty gifts and make someone very happy.

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