Monday, November 1, 2010


We took a trip out to the Rock Ranch and I mean it was so fun! The kids could just run and have fun. A trip without "MOM" worrying where they were and if they were out of my sight. It's tough today for these kids.
I tell the kids stories about growing up and being able to walk to a friends house without "MOM" taging along. Don't get me wrong, my mother was on the front porch watching, we were just able to walk down the street without the fear of someone taking us. Hard for mine to imagine. The good ol days!
This is by far the prettiest fall backdrop I have ever seen.

OK, I want an old truck just for my fall decorations now. I love it!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to take the kids picture here, but as you can see it was late and the kids were hollaring they were hungry and tired and wanted to go. They could have cared less how much I loved it. Oh well, I guess the scarecrows will have to do.
There were all types of activities. Just loads of fun. A whole days worth of fun!

The pillow jump. This was a great big pillow that would fit 25 kids at a time. Poor grant could not stand up to save his life. The big kids would jump close to him and send him across the pillow. It was so funny I almost peed in my  pants.

Underground sack sliding.
Definately a favorite!

 Hay maze.
Face painting.

Old Wagons

A Corn Maze. Thank goodness for cellphones, we had Hal pick Abby up so we could see where they were.

What kind of farm could survive without a few John Deer's?

Horse and pony rides.
Corn cob shooting. 

A fall picture by the corn maze.

A little miniature village. This was a lot of fun. 

Some sort of sand diggers

The wonderful conversation during this photo. I could have crawled under the pumpkins

Blake:  (my 8 yr old)I am not taking a picture with the Veggie Tales
Me: Blake just turn around and smile.                
Blake: Mom, is this a pickle or a cucumber?            
Abby: Both , Duh????                                                                
Blake: What? (Poor baby)                                                          
Grant: (4 yr old) Mom, them fake! Cheeeeeeeeeeeese                          
Brantley: I am going to chop this pickle.                           
I don't know what I was thinking. I bet the veggie tales are still talking about us. Everytime I think about this I giggle so hard my side hurts. This will forever be one of my favorite pictures. Got to go scrap it for sure!                 

  Paddle boating in the dark. Please don't fall out!

Can I please have one of these????????????? I promise not to miss use it. ;)

Tractor racing.

Just a cute picture with Gregory the gord.
This is a trip worth repeating. Not very expensive either. Next time we will take our own picnic and sit by the firepits and have lunch or dinner in our case. We stayed so late. The kids were pooped and they all went straight to bed. Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!! But then again, so did I. 

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