Friday, January 8, 2010

Just "chilling"! & My new Word for the year!

Literally!!!  It was in the 20's yesterday and 30's today. But it feels like ice.  I know I know, but I was raised in the south and even vacation 90% of the time in the south. My bones are not use to these temps. I think I feel this way every year. To top it off, the heat in the back of the SUV stopped working. WHAT?? The air conditioning still works but that is not going to do us any good.  So, when the kids were ready for school  I made sure they were all bundeled up.

Hey! Where are your gloves Blake?


I believe this should be my new word for the year. As I mentioned, I have many areas to work on and I am eager to accomplish them. Some of them can't actually be "accomplished", but by working on them, this can give me a sense of accomplishment. I won't bore you with my list but I am working on 2010 resolution page and will share it soon.

My7 yr old son Blake brought home his 2010 resolution page from school.

Here, let me help you...
#1  I want to get straight A's.  ( They just got their report cards and he wasn't happy.)
#2  I want to be a good boy this year.  ( Too easy for him. He is my sweety!)
#3  I want to be the richest in the whole family. ( When he came home the third one was erased and I asked him why. He said his teacher said this should be something "they" could do. Uhhh.... this is!  Ha Ha!!!  I love his teacher!)

See you tommorrow!

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Kristi said...

Hi Kellie! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! It is quite addicting I have to say!! Thanks for your input on my blog! If I can get this whole background thing down, I'll definitely let you know when I start up a new blog for it!

Your kiddos are darling, and I love that resolution list! So cute!