Monday, January 25, 2010

Burlap Wreath Project

I was blog surfing and came upon the Tatertots and Jello blog. Oh my, is it cute. So many ideas for burlap. She has pictures of Project Runway's last challange using burlap. The dresses they made were awesome!!! I promise you won't see anything like that here. If I can't hot glue or no sew it, it won't get done. So hopefully my burlap wreath will turn out OK. I hope better than OK. At the top is a picture of a burlap wreath made by Relatively Ririe. AWESOME!!!! I love the vibrant colors.


Here are two other I found while surfing. I am not sure who to give credit to on the first one, but it's great too. The second one came from Tatertots and Jello. This one is made from cupcake liners. Perfect for Valentine's Day.

Here are my colors and I am so excited I want to do it now!!!! My friend Michelle and I are going to get together and make our wreaths. Don't kill me Michelle.......... I only went to "LOOK" at my choices. I could not help myself. I LOOOOOOVE green. Chocolate zebra, polka dots and the most gorgeous green I have ever seen. And that button....Oh my! Could a wreath ask for anything more? Not mine!!! Every room in my house has green in it one way or another. Oh yeah! I just got my new furniture and guess what color????  YEP! Green. Wanna see??  I do!


We love it Lazy Boy!!!!!!! We had to wait 8 wks, but I am so happy. Its hard to imagine what it will look like when you are looking at swatches. My husband was no help either. He was in the back of the store watching some football game on a 6?inch bigscreen TV and laid out on their BIG L shape leather sofa. If he had it his way, that would be sitting in our den right now. Nothing against leather, I just want something soft to lay on while watching a movie. I told him to save that for his man cave. He won't forget either. I must admit it was nice. But mine is nicer!!!!!. The chair and a half is also a twin pull out bed. How neat is that? And very comfy too! The most popular seat so far.

It's late and I need to tuck some kiddo's in. (If they are still awake?) See ya!


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Michelle said...

LOVE your new furniture!!! Can't wait to get started on the wreaths!! Oh, and when you come over I'll have to show you how to add links to your blog post :)