Monday, January 4, 2010


Our new year! We had family over and had a ball. We watched the ball drop in time square and toasted with some welchs sparkeling grape juice. The boys had a few firecrackers poping outside. Aren't they cool!!! The middle one is our cousin and man is he a hoot. Just part of the gang!!!   A and C were having fun posing.  What girl doesn't huh? We did not know until a few days prior that she and Grams were coming and the kids were so excited.

Still working on my "Word" for the new year. The problem is I have a few that I need to combine into one. Apparently I have a FEW areas to work on. Of course I have had these for a while and I want to make sure I stand strong this year and make a change. Hmmmm is that my word?  See you back tomorrow with a very special birthday party we went to this past weekend.  Hint? Every girls dream!!!! Ok......most!   

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