Monday, January 25, 2010

What a week! Fun! Fun! Fun!

Tuesday, I started out the week @ Panera with my friend Michelle. Much needed "girl time". Then I had a PTA meeting @ Cheddar's that night.  I must admit, having  the time to have an adult  conversation is wonderful. I really need to do this more often just for my sanity. Don't get me wrong, I love my children. They are my world!!! I would not have it any other way. I would just like a little "me" time. If you are a SAHM out there, then you know what I am talking about. We work 24/7.  But it is the most rewarding job for me. I have a great husband that works hard so I can be here with our children. Thank you hunny!!!

If you haven't been to Cheddar's, you must check them out. YUM!!!! Try the lemon pepper chicken. We had our PTA get together here and stayed for 3 hrs talking and planning and having a great time.

Thursday Michelle and I met Carol @ Panera for another round of "girl time". We need a scrapping weekend getaway.  Beach PLEASE!!!!

How cute is this picture? Just hanging out watching a movie and having some popcorn. I love his new blanket Santa brought him.

My boys never have a dull moment. Not even when they have to take a bath. Ellie, our dog, had to come and check things out. They called for me to come take a picture of their mohawk's. I think this might be a sign that we need some haircuts. Me included!!!  My husband offered, but added that if he took them, it would be short.  No Way!!!!!

My husband and I went to the Thai House friday for our date night. My mother lets the kids stay over on friday's so we can have dinner or see a movie or both. I love to have time to just sit and talk with him about anything.


We had two parties this past weekend and had so much fun. The first one we went to was a karate party and my kids loved it. They have the children running around the whole time. One game after another. Abby didn't really have much to do with the running part but she liked watching and laughing with everyone. Ok, maybe at everyone. HaHa!  Blake won the dodge ball game because they were out to get the birthday boy. And they finally got him after 50 shots. Some bad aiming I must say!!! HaHa! Oh, but of course I could have done better. What did ya think?

The second party on sunday was a fun party too. Grant was invited to this one and I really enjoyed having one on one time with him. After playing in the bear room ( do you see that big smooch he is giving that bear?), eating cake, and opening presents they were given a card with points and were free to go on any of the rides there. We started with the train, then went on to the swing. I love the picture I got. Everything is blurry except Grant. I can't believe this shot. Awesome!!! ( as Grant would say)  Then Grant rode the Carosel horses and had a ball. He was the only one without a parent riding with him. Are you kidding? He didn't want me! Besides, I had to take pictures! If you know me, then you knew that already.

Thank you Derrek and Annabelle!! Happy Birthday!!!!
What a fun weekend!  


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