Saturday, November 20, 2010


We got our boxes ready and took them to church to ship off. The kids were so excited to pack the boxes with the items we purchased and had plenty of questions about where the boxes were going and who was going to receive them. After letting them watch the video over at Megs blog Whatever, Abby was ready to make more and was truely moved. I want to teach my children the importance of helping others every chance I get.  I am also getting some crafts ready for  Water for Africa.  All the money raised from the sales of the crafts is used to build wells in Africa. Last year they raised enough to build two. AWESOME!!!

Grant had his Thanksgiving party Thursday and he made a cute little indian. His name was "Little Pow Wow".

I asked him where he wanted to eat since it was his day and he yelled from the back Reeeeed Robinsssssssss. Of course I had to fulfill his Yummmmmm! My chicken wrap came with some cantelope and Grant grabbed that real quick. He ate the two pieces I had and ask the waitress for two more. NOT shy at all! I love this picture. He said "Look mommy I am smiling". He is so fun!!!!!
After we picked the kids up from school we grabbed our bread and headed down to the neighborhood lake to feed the ducks. Can you tell they are fed all the time? They will take the bread right out of your hand if you let them. There were a ton of them.
Blake just threw his bread to them. He was't taking any chances.
What is wrong with this one? I thought all ducks were cute. Like the ones above.  He looks half duck and half rooster.
I am not sure what Grant was telling this duck. Poor duck, he looks like he is being scorned. They sure aren't getting too close to him. I'd be scared too ducks. He is tough and not scared of anything.

I now have a name for our little Thanksgiving Story. His name is Tucker. Michelle and her family wanted to wait to name him so they could see his personality. I see why. He is not the same dog I brought home. He was so shy and now he is so playful and full of personality. I love him!!!! So without further ado.... I give you Tucker.
 NO, you can't have him! He is right at home. Spoiled and loved so very much.
Tucker was 1of 8 puppies to a homeless golden named Lucy. Michelle lost her golden in July and I thought this could be a match made in heaven. That is, until I heard her husband in the background. :) Thank you Dave! I don't think this dog could be any happier, anywhere. I saw him today and he doesn't just walk, he bounces. He is so happy. We found him while we were visiting Grams for an early Thanksgiving so we call Tucker our little Thanksgiving story. Happy Thanksgiving Tucker!   

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Christy said...

Hi! Just found your blog :) Thought I would say hello.
What an adorable puppy!