Monday, November 22, 2010

Thank You Meg!

Being a stay at home mom can be a hard job. Mentally! I feel like I am not contributing the way I was raised to do with a "JOB" and all. But today, with everything the way it is (drugs, bad people, and pier pressure), I feel like this is the best place for me. I have the best husband, and thankfully he feels the same as I do. I need to be here! When you choose to be a mom, life is not all about us anymore. God has the plan! This was his  plan for me and I love it. As Meg says it "I am here to create a happy and loving home." Read here for her quiet reminder. We all need a reminder sometimes. It is all for HIM!

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Christy said...

Amen! I read her post today also. What an encouragement!!