Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Enjoying friends during the holidays.

We joined my friend Michelle and her family the other night for a horse and buggy ride. It sounds so sweet doesn't it? After waiting for over an hour for our turn, it was time for the horse and bugy to go home. Our kids did get to ride and they had a wonderful time. Everyone except Abby, that is. You could tell she did not feel well, but she didn't say a thing. She is such a trooper. Just like her dad. Not me, if I don't feel well, I gotta go! When the boys and I got back to the truck, Abby "had not felt good" all in my truck. Not once, but 4 times. Poor baby, she didn't say anything because she wanted the boys to get to ride. How sweet! I hope to take her back before they leave.
Any who, here are some pictures. What a cute bunch of kids. Oh yeah, Santa too. :)
 Look at this big rocking chair. They needed a bench just to get up in it. FUN!!!!
 And the boys.
 Hopscotch anyone?
 Can you tell they were bored out of their minds? 1 1/2 hrs. of waiting  + 5 spazy kids = 4 crazy parents.
 She is my hero. She felt horrible here and still smiled for my camera. Gotta love her!
 I bet this poor horse made 329878273587327 trips around the parking lot. This Horse needs a new pair of shoes for Christmas. hehe :)                                      
 Only my boys would decide to climp the statues (commercial property). What can I say??? The other kids were doing it........:)
We really did enjoy our night. Thanks for the great company guys.
See ya later with some more Christmas fun.

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