Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas to all!

Everyone is doing well here. Santa stopped by and left some goodies so we are hangin out and having a good time.

Here are a few pics I captured this morning. My kids were so happy. They had no interest in pictures for the old Mom.
                                                           Waiting to see if Santa came.            
Ready for T-ball!
Punch bug Grey!                     
Spy guys.
You can't see me!!!!!!!! They love John Cena. (Me too!) heehee:)    
Courtesy of

I will use this against him one day. :)  A dangerous spy guy with his hand on his hip and moon shoes. I'm scared, what about you? 
 Abby loves pillows and blankets. She finally got her e-reader. I will never see her.

One of his favorite.
 I am going to eat them up.
 Jealous boys?
 Here is just one of the three with her head in the DS. I am now the DS and DSi librarian. We loose these games like crazy. We end up finding them in the car and in the couch, but it is a pain. Now, they must check them out with me. We will see how this works.
 Disney Monopoly anyone? Hal and I fought over Dumbo. He won.
Quote of the day: Grant (4 yrs old) was playing monopoly and landed on Mimi's property. He looked at Mimi and said " I'd like to not pay that, please?" Got to love him!

 I hope you all are having a great Christmas.
Love, The Dugan's


Zerique said...

great blog. looks like you guys had a very entertaining Christmas!

Christy said...

looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas!