Friday, December 10, 2010

What a beautiful day!

I had lunch with my buddy. Mommy's boy. Shhhh.. don't tell anyone, I don't want to ruin his reputation. Man, I love this boy. 
 This picture is not today, but I had to share. Abby made me an ice cream after dinner. When she brought this to me I laughed so hard. What in the heck????  There was a lady beside us laughing too. Have you ever seen an ice cream like this before? I may or may not have told her it looked like a turd. Did I just say that? :0  She said that I got the first ice cream and she was just getting the hang of it. I sure hope her first job isn't the Dairy Queen. :)
 Running errands at one of my favorite stores.
 And another one.
 Picking up my kiddos.
 I was admiring the sky. It was amazing all day.
 Blake told me that this hole was so that Poppy could come see us and get back to heaven. See, I told you this boy is awesome.  I wanted to cry! I had to stay strong though.
 Blake and I had a special lunch today. He reached his AR points for school. His teacher told me he has been working hard and to pay special attention to him. Not a problem!!!
 We pass this temple on our way pretty much everywhere. Today was no exception. The sun was shinning right on it. So beautiful!  We can see this from our back yard. At night its lit up and it is so beautiful. 
Blake and I thought there was a little bird on top, but my husband saw it blinking last night. It is not very tall, but we are close to the airport. Don't know why I didn't think of that. I won't tell Blake. He loved the thought of it being a bird.   
This is not our church, but I think this building is for praying. Awesome huh???!!!! 

I hope everyone is doing well this holiday season.
Merry Christmas! 

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