Tuesday, February 2, 2010

FINALLY! My burlap wreath

I sure do love how it turned out!  So me! Thanks to Tater Tots and Jello & Whatever for the idea.
It's pretty bad when your wreath looks better than your front door. 

I never have been the seasonal decorator. But after blog surfing I guess I got the fever. This my mantle.
Say nothing about my dirty mirror. Already taken care of!

I love it. Really cheerful. I sure do need it after one sick on Monday and another one coming home from school sick. Something is going around. Just talked to a friend and her son is in Blake's class. He came home sick today too. STAY AWAY from my house yuk!!  

And my last little creation. How cute is that? I found this tie iron on at Hobby Lobby and could not resist. I think i was happier about it than anyone around here. I found it very funny and my husband told me that he thought I was getting a little too excited. WHATEVER!!!! You old fart!  Guess it's a Mom thing. His teachers liked it. All he needed was a little briefcase. My little man!!! 
Gotta git! Off to an award ceremony for Abby and Blake will be singing so gotta go get my bells on.


Carol said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the wreath!! Awesome fabric choices :)

Michelle said...

That wreath looks great on your door!! Very pretty :) Love the mantle, too. I just bought one of those jars at HL the other day!!

Relatively Ririe said...

The burlap wreath, hello, fa fa fa fabulous!! And I love the mantle, you've inspired me to do my mantle. I'm gonna head to goodwill so I don't over do it. Have a happy valentines!

jenjen said...

Your wreath is fantastic! So cute! And your mantle looks amazing!!!

Thanks for linking up!