Friday, April 9, 2010

Funny Story!

My brother was going to Disney this past weekend and requested to use my mothers SUV. He drives a small pickup with two seats and is not safe for his four yr old on long trips. The morning he left, he forgot his camera. Hello! You can't go to disney without a camera. They had stoped at waffle house to eat breakfast so mom and Abby took the camera to them in my dads old truck. On their way home mom said they were talking and Abby said "COOL!" Mom thought "huh"? That was not pertaining to the conversation so she looked over and Abby was rolling the window up with the handle. She ask her what she was talking about and Abby said that this truck was COOL because the windows rolled down with a handle.
I laughed and laughed when mom told me until I realized the yr of this truck is the same yr I graduated. Rrrrrrrrr! Reality bites sometimes doesn't it?
This truck belonged to my dad and he only believed in necessities.

YEAH!!!!!  I got my package mailed off today and I am so excited for Terri to get it. I hope she likes everything.  This was my first swap and I think I am hooked. Gotta make this quick so more on this later.
See yall,

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Terri Peters said...

Mailed mine yesterday, too! So exciting! Hope you like your stuff!