Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Our Easter Pictures

Easter Pictures
Blake's teacher had a different take on Easter Egg hunting this year. She put math problems on each egg that would lead them to the next egg. They would find the next egg with another math problem and so on. Till they found their prize egg with the # they were looking for. Fun huh? I thought it was a cute idea too. Can anyone tell me how he found his prize egg??? haha! Smart boy! 

Abby and Blake have some very sweet friends that just moved into the neighborhood so we thought we would give them a good welcome. I found this idea here. My friend Michelle had this blogger listed on her site. The kids were so excited. :) Both hers and mine. The sign on the door says YOUV'E BEEN EGGED. I added Welcome to the neighborhood to it. FUN FUN FUN!!! Next time I will make sure to buy the brightest eggs I can find. They will show up better for surprise purposes.

Easter morning

 The easter bunny was very good to my babies. He brought candy, movies, big bugs, flower seeds to plant, hot chocolate, and more candy. They would not share with me so I have put in my request for a basket next year.:) Do you see the wrapper above? Blake ate his Rochero chocolates within a minute. This is my favorite and the little rascle did not even give me one. That's OK!
We went to church and it was a full house. We sit in the same seats every Sunday and have no problem seeing. Not this time, isn't that awesome?!!!! Can you see the cross in the back right? It was so beautiful. The bottom base was rocks and flowers. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! My husband looked at me like I was crazy when I asked him to take the picture. Well.... he was sitting on the end. ;) How long has he lived with me?  He was a good sport, I must say.
Kristi, my best friend for pretty much my entire life, called and we went to her mom's to hunt easter eggs. It was so great to see her. I sure do miss the time we use to spend together. Life and children happen and time flies by so quickly. We really need to make more time for ourselves and meet more often. I spent most of my childhood with this girl, it's only fair we sit and talk about old times. Here are some pics of the kids hunting eggs. The last one is her son (in the glasses), he is as tall as me and he is in the 8th grade. WOW!

He sure is a cutie pie. I better not say that, he is too cool.:) Look at those cheeks! Love em! He is a very sweet boy. Very well mannered. I have to say Kristi, you've done well with this one. Her daughter is so beautiful. She is just like Blake. ENERGY! They were buddies for the day.

Coloring easter eggs

Egg decorating does require some serious consentration. haha!
We made little bugs and we had little scate boards and boats that the eggs sit in. (forgot to take a picture of those) They were so cute. Mimi did a very good job helping while I took pictures. Thanks Mom!!!
 After all this we watched a couple of movies, played some WII,

and sacked out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do mean all of us too! Dogs included. What an awesome day!!!! I hope every easter is like this one, I would just like to see more of our families involved. I have never been much of a planner (michelle you see this), but I think I might need to start something new.;)
Off to enjoy the rest of our springbreak.

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