Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I've been called worse. I have been so busy with school book fair, practice, games, and all that mommy jazz. I have neglected the old blog. I have finished two scrapbook pages and will post those tomorrow. I feel like if I commit to that, I will make sure I do it. ;)
Baseball and Softball news:
Dodgers are the 1st half champions. Wooo Hooo!!!!!!!!!! We beat "that" team tonight. OK, lets be nice, we won tonight and I was so proud of our boys. They  ignored that a-hole of a coach  played like champions and were very excited to be undefeated. You could not ask for a better group of boys and coaching staff. Awesome I must say!!!! Good job guys!!!
Abby had her doctors appt. today and she has two more weeks of no jumping or running. This has pretty much eaten up her whole softball season. She may have 3 or 4 games left by the time she can play. If she can play. I was very proud of her coach though. Even though she is short players, she was more conserned about Abby's foot. That makes me happy. Good coach. I told her that she has to depend on that foot for the rest of her life and she better take care of it. She just smiled. I think she likes the attention. That's ok, I have plenty to give to her.
Well, I better get to sleep, another day of the bookfair ahead. I am so glad we are out of school Friday. I think it will be movie day. Shhhhh... don't tell. They love the movies!


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