Monday, April 19, 2010

Our Spring Swap

I participated in a spring swap a couple of weeks ago over at Family of shorts. This was a lot of fun and look what I got.
Terri sent me loads of stickers by Jolee's Boutique. Love em!!!! Apple lotion, a little birdie journal, some fun finger nail files, the best gum I have ever tasted (trident layers/wildstrawberry&tangycitrus), and some pink lemonade tictacs. YUMMY!!!!!  
I think she has me pegged. ;) See the little yellow flowers at the bottom? I had two pictures of Abby in her "JUSTICE" clothes and some tights that matched. The clothes in Justice for girls reminds me of the Sassafrass scrapbooking line. It is so collorful and fun. I knew I had to use the yellow flowers with that. This is what I came up with.

The little yellow flowers are running accross the bottom with my border. So cute!!! The memories sticker in the yellow cloud was also in my box of surprises. Yeah me!!! Please excuse the toys and gardening tools. 

Thank you Terri for all of my goodies. It was great swaping with you. I hope you like everything. I can't wait to see your pictures. 
Have a happy Monday everyone!


Megan said...

What a fabulous swap package! I love your scrapbook page, it looks great!

shortmama said...

So jealous of all the scrapbooking goodies! And I bet that lotion smells amazing!