Thursday, April 1, 2010

Strep case #2

My poor little buddy Grant has come down with it. It was just a matter of time. He loves his brother and they are inseperable. We call them peat and repeat. He didn't know what to do when Blake was sick and now Blake doesn't know what to do now that Grant is sick. I ask Hal to go sit with Grant while I did something and Blake said "I WILL!".  "Mom,  I don't care if I get sick again". Now that is love! Look at these pictures.

Blake w/strep.

   He was so sick!

Blake was willing to be sick again for his bubby. This definately describes him to a T. I am sure glad he is better and back to his wonderful self.
Now, we just have to get the other one well. I am getting cabin fever and I can't wait for spring break. I have a line of activities waiting. woohoo!!! Better get back to this little one.

Get better soon bubby!

Mom and her bible study group said a big prayer for him. Thanks ladies!
Don't know if I mention that Abby has been hobbleing around here for about 2 months now. We thought it was her growth plate in her foot again (her feet are growing faster than she is). We wraped it up for the games and she said it felt a little better but...... So, we took her back to the doc and guess what? She fractured her heel. A piece of her heel bone is broken  and they put her in a boot for 2 weeks. Thank goodness it is over spring break. She doesn't want to miss any games. She said she was sliding down a zip line at a friends house and her foot hit the tree at the bottom. She sure did have a good time though. I feel bad that I put it off ! How is a parent suppose to know these things. Trial and error I guess?


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Michelle Whitlow said...

Awww, poor Grant :( Hope he feels better!! We should get together over spring break...but after your kids are well. I've had enough illnesses to last me for quite a while!! hehe