Saturday, February 13, 2010

Luxury Camp Out

The kids had this wonderful idea to have a camp out. You know what this means, I get no sleep. Either I sleep on the hard floor or try to sleep sitting up. We now have this seat and a half and it lets out into a twin bed. So, after we all fought over sleeping on it, we decided that the boys would share a turn and Abby would get it next. Yes, I was left out all together.
This is how we started out:
This was about two in the morning.

This was around five o'clock.

I never heard a word. They totally switched places. It amazes me considering I didn't think there was enough room to begin with. How do they do that? I am such a light sleeper.

I didn't think Abby looked too comfortable so I sent her to my bed.  They always think it is a treat to sleep with us. She got my side of the bed all to herself. This is where I slept for the night. Yes, I am a little sleep deprived, but I am not feeling it right now. Maybe tommorrow. Oh no, not in church! JK! I love our preacher, there is no way to fall asleep with him.

One last thing. Abby's teacher handed out this blue piece of paper with everyones name on it. She said that for Valentine's Day she wanted everyone to write a compliment by each name and hand it out as a Valentine. I know I have mentioned how great she is, but she has totally exceeded my expectations of a teacher. She is Wonderwomen. I love her! She always knows exactly where each student is and has a way of making them want more for themselves. I wish I could clone her. Abby would never have another teacher.  This is what Abby had in her bag.
*Thank you for being so nice.       *You are pretty    
*You are kind.                             *You are smart
*Your quiet, smart, and nice         * Very smart
*You are a good friend                 *You are a nice kid
*You are the quietest person in the class
*I like the clothes that you wear
*You have been in my class          *Your very smart
*Is quiet                                       *Your smart
*Me!!!! (this was hers)                 *You wear cool clothes
*Thank you for your kindness       *frst
*You are very kind                       *Keep up the good work
*helps me out half the times           *You have cool clothes
*She is quiet, but I love when she talks. From: Kennedy
 I must say I am a proud Mama. I feel the same about her, but its great to hear that her peirs feel the same way. I have no idea what the "frst" is. Have any ideas? I don't know all the text lingo so I hope it is not something bad. My favorite is the last one. This one is one of her dear friends and she sums Abby up perfectly. She is quiet, but when she has something to say it is either worth saying or just too funny.
I thought this was so sweet and such a great idea. Simple acts of kindness. Please pass this on to all the teachers you know. Abby is 9 going on 22, but I loved seeing how she felt when we were reading them.

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