Monday, February 15, 2010

Abby's Room Makeover

A couple of years ago we bought this dresser for Abby. At the time I did not have the time to paint it. Well this weekend was the weekend to get things done. I was walking around Hobby Lobby and cha-ching there was the cutest chandalier just sitting there calling Abby's my name. I purchased a Pottery Barn canopy off  Ebay a couple of yrs ago and have hung it a couple of times. It cept falling out of the ceiling. I had my brother come over and do it right this time. Abby loves the look.
Dresser before..
Dresser and the picket fence shelf after a good paint job.
This is a view of the canopy and her new chandelier hanging inside.

I am trying to talk her out of that white shelf, but she said she read somewhere that old was good. HaHa! I feel like I have a little Martha Stewart on my hands. 
I think she likes it. She now has her own art corner. She painted the OMG and the LOL canvas' in her room. We are still working on one last corner in her room and purging. The last corner consist of her bookshelf and desk. We saved the toughest for the end.

My first try at Guacamole.

It was so good and I would love to give you the recipe but by the time I was done I had no idea how much of anything I had put in there. It called for Avocados,lemon juice,clove of garlic,tomato, onion,cumin,and hot pepper sauce. My version consisted of Avocados, lemon juice, tomato,some onion, no cumin, hot sauce, garlic salt, and after talking to my sister in law, some sour cream. See, I told you! Even after I thought I was done, I still kept adding to it. My mother and Blake would taste it and say "well maybe some of this....." and after another bite, "well maybe some of that." In the end it was pretty darn good. 

Happy Valentines Day to me!
I love love love love love love love it. My husband and son picked this out on their own. Blake told the lady it was from him and his brother and his sister.  He was so proud. Not as proud as my husband though. And neither one of them could have been happier than me. I will cherish it always. Thank you hunny. I love you! And thank you my babies, I love yall too!

I hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day and  to some a good long weekend.


Carol said...

Abby looks very happy with her "new" room! And I love the bracelet! The hubby and kids did a good job :)

Michelle said...

Abby's room looks very cute!! Love the bracelet :)