Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Issues with potty training!!!!!

About four months ago, while potty training, we tried to put underwear on Grant and no luck. He peed in his pants everytime. Since then I put him in pull ups and we have been working on it again. He does very well at school and does #2 in the potty at home always. But the other day while playing his Nintendo DS he did not take the time out to use the bathroom. He was too busy! So, I took the DS away and told him if he wasn't big enough to go to the potty, he wasn't big enough to play a DS. Everything got quiet so I went looking for him..... Calling his name.....  No answer. I knew he was in the livingroom last so I looked behind the couch and guess who I found?

He said "I not playing my DS."  I don't think I am getting through, do you? He had the volume turned all the way down so I couldn't here him playing. Help!!!!!!!!!!! This is the same child that after I told him to go to bed because he had school (mothers morning out preschool) he proceeds to tell me "I not going to school, I sick." He is too smart for his own britches. HaHa! 
He's 3 1/2 and can identify all his #'s and letter's. I am being played!  Look at that face!  Guilty,I am wrapped! He is too much like his Daddy!!!!

Enough for today,

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Michelle said...

hehe, little stinker!!