Friday, February 12, 2010



We started off the day with the kids in three different locations. One spent the night with a friend, another spent the night with Mimi, and the other at home with me. It started snowing and all I could think of was cake, present, children, pictures of children in snow, ice cream, etc. I guess by now you can see that I am a procrastinator. Well, yeah I am, but the past two days I felt like I was trying to come down with something. I am feeling better today and just in time for my hunny's birthday and some beautiful snow. Blake kept saying, "I can't believe it's snowing on daddy's birthday". So sweet!

He loved the cake!!! How could he not? Chocolate + Alabama = His two favorite things.

Our fun filled day with snow:

When we went to pick up Blake, they were outside playing in the snow. He started throwing snowballs at us and Grant was yelling "We gonna get it".

And we did!

Outside playing in the snow was so much fun. I know some people think that the south shuts down the towns when it snows because we can't handle it, but I truely believe they do it so that we can enjoy our ONE day of snow every five years. HaHa!! We have been lucky though, we have had a little snow for two years now. I do mean little.

Yes, this is an inflatable pool boat. Only in the south. Hey, whatever works. The one thing you don't see in this picture is the concrete road at the bottom of this hill. I was so scared, but everthing turned out OK.

I  must say that is one handsome birthday boy! Look at that smile on Grants face. It speaks volumns. Boy, I love my family, and thank you Lord for all this beautiful snow on such a special day.

Just enough to enjoy, but not enough to annoy!

Blake also had a tooth fall out. By fall out I mean he and his cousin were play fighting and he got the bad end of the deal. Thank goodness it was somewhat loose and a baby tooth. Of course he sees dollar signs. It was great though because we just went to see the movie Toothfairy. It was so funny. My daughter said whoever came up with the idea of the Rock playing the toothfairy was brilliant. (She's 9) Of course I thought the same thing, but for entirely different reasons.:)  I don't think I will ever be able to look at him and not think of that tutu. He sure does make that pink tutu look good. It's a must see!!!!!! :) Man, I lost my train of thought. HeeHee! Anyway, I told Blake to put his tooth on this bowl so he did not loose it. He did not listen and guess what? Yep,  it fell into that black hole under my entertainment center. He cried saying if they didn't get the tooth, he wouldn't get the money. I felt so bad that I got the flashlight and a long ruler and went to searching. We found it thank goodness. We did not have to call the toothfairy and postpone the visit until we found it.:)  Here is my sweet snaggle tooth.
I hope you all had a good day. It's late and that cake is calling my name. I must go to sleep before I give in.

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