Monday, March 29, 2010

A quick story. BEWARE

We were going to let Grant off at Mimi's house on our way to the ballfield. We rounded the corner and I see Abby hop off her seat and hollar EW EW ROADKILL! I about ran off the road. I said "what"? She begins to tell me that her and Mimi have been looking at this squirell or something for the last few days. She added that it is "kewel"(cool) because it had blown up the last time she went by. (It is now flat)  Can I say GROSS! I told her that girls are not supposed to like that type of stuff. Her response was "Who says?" We do not live in the country and this is not something we see all the time. I hope this is why it is so neat to her.  Please let that be the case!!!!!! Although, her favorite classes are math and science. Yuck Yuck YuckYuckYuck!!!  Even my son said gross.
I know yall wanted to hear about this. I just had to document this so she can see this in a few years when she is 15 and knows everything and thinks everything is gross. Or will she?

Lady Braves 3-3 Awesome game today, but tough. Yeah!

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Carol said...

Ha! You should spend more time driving out my way. There was a dog hit last week, that now looks like a fur coat on the road! There is NOTHING to it anymore. And yes, I think it's GROSS!!!