Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Missed Me?

I have been so busy doing nothing (haha) that I have let a week and a half fly by with no post. I am ashamed. Let me please catch up. Warning!**** Long Post!

Abby and Hal went to the Father and Daughter dance at her school. We have had a Father Daughter Dance and a Mother Son Dance for the past two years. So far we have had a great turn out. PTA sponsors this and the teachers have mentioned that the students talk about the dances for weeks following. We hire the same  DJ every year and he is awesome. He interacts with the children and plays songs that involve the dads. For example, he ask for father volunteers and passes out hats. There is an indian, a sailor, a motorcycle dude, you get where I am going. Then he plays the YMCA song. SOOOOOOO funny! The dads dance and the kids dance and they have so much fun. It's hard to tell wether the fathers or daughters had the best time.

One proud Daddy!
They had a great time.

These are some of Abby's closest friends.
Aren't they a beautiful group of girls?
Abby's getting down with some friends.

Lately, this is Grant's favorite pastime:

He loves to spell his name. See, I am Grant and I am 3. Don't you love the pointer finger and the lovely food all over his face. Wouldn't be Grant without it. Oh,  and another favorite pastime is the Monster Truck game on the WII. This is grant playing.

"I first! I da winner "                                                                                                                                  
How much fun can one child have? He loves the Monster Truck game. He hollars out "Oh Yeah Man!!!" He cracks me up. I have to admit, I have fun doing the jumps. I love to knock down as much as I can in 1 jump. I guess  he gets it honestly. Why didn't we have this when I was growing up? 

Look at this little hunk. Baseball has started and I am so excited. The kids have been cooped up far too long. We are on a team with a lot of Blake's friends and we are going to have a good time this year.  Hal is one of the coaches this year and I don't know if Blake is happy about this or not. You know how it is when they are your own. You know what they are capable of, but at 7 years old, sometimes looking off  to see what everybody else is doing is more important. I hope it gets better than the first week. Pray for my two bullheaded guys!!!:)

Look who else is playing this year. I am so happy!!!! Not that I didn't like the Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop, and Jazz,  it was just time for a change. Abby came up to me a week ago and said she wanted to play softball. We bought her a black and pink glove last year hoping and praying she would play. It took a year for her, on her own, to decide to play. We called and got her on the Lady Braves and she is sooooo excited. They cancelled her first two practices due to weather and she is getting pretty ansy. Be patient sweet girl. Good luck sissy!!!!! 

Fruit Pizza, Yummy Yummy!
I got to work with 20 of the finest chefs yesterday and it was an honor. Blake and his class are working on fractions so they cut up fruit and made a fruit pizza. We had pears, apples, oranges, and bananas. It looked so good. I am sure it was, but I am a weirdo when it comes to food and drinks. I don't eat or drink after anyone. Nope, not even my kids. After the kids cut all the fruit up ON THEIR DESK, there was no way I was eating it. Yes, they had napkins, but I am not sure 7 yr olds know what to do with those. LOL! Mrs. Moody did find me a little piece that had no fruit on it and it was yummy. Good job kiddos!
One of the kids said " This is our bestest fun yet." How cute is that?

I have to decorate a tin can for Abby's math club. Wish me luck.
Later, Kellie


Carol said...

Glad you are back!! I've been a bad blogger, too! It's been 2 weeks. I need to catch up. BTW, that fruit pizza looks good :)

Michelle said...

Shame on you bad bloggers!1 hehe Hey, Ben's playing baseball, too!!