Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Abby!!!!!!

My baby is 10 today. What??? Where did the time go? I didn't really think too much of the age when she turned 9, but now the 10 just sounds grown. Double digits! Yikes!!! I don't want her to grow up but then again I do like being able to have "girl days" with her that are not at Toys R Us.  She is so sweet and beautiful. She is just like her dad in so many ways, and a little like me. The sweet part comes from me of course. :) I am so proud of you baby girl. Happy Birthday!!!!!! 

Grams, Carly, and Aunty Caren called to wish Abby a happy birthday and she was all smiles. She can't wait for them to come on friday. Mimi took cupcakes to school today and had lunch with her.
She had a early dinner with two of her friends Casey and Josie at a local mexican restaurant.
Dig in girls!!!!
They bought her a Zhu Zhu pet and she is so cute. Thank you Casey and Josie for the gift and sharing the day with Abby.

Grant wasn't so sure at first, but how could you not love this face. Our newest family member is already trying to eat her.
No No Ellie!!!!
No practice for Abby, so we waited for Blake and daddy to get home and we had birthday cake.
This was from Bruster's and it was the best one we have had yet. All agreed!!! Strawberry icecream and vinilla cake with a strawberry filling. Yummy!!!
Make it a good one!
Happy Birthday Abby, We love you very much!!! 

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