Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Brooklyn Dodgers 1-0

Blake was supposed to have his first game on saturday the 13th, but they were rained out. Last night was our make up game and the boys were great! Before the game, Blake took one right in the nose. I was told it was a good one. Glad I wasn't there. But I was there to see him catch a infield fly, throw someone out on first, and get an awesome hit. I am loving it! He did get the game ball for being so tough. Thats my boy!!

The famous chicken baskets. Blake can't leave the ballfield without one. A weakness of mine too. 
Look at that chicken basket! Absolutely nothing was left when he was done.  
Here's Grant just enjoying the free time to roam. This will be his second home for the next few months, I am glad he enjoys it. He was all over the place. Makes it hard to watch a full game. One mother called him a little green pea. Maybe I should think of that the next time I choose a jacket. He sure was easy to spot. :)

Little Cutie Patootie!
Hal and I were going over the game schedules last night and I looked at him and said "You do realize we have no more date nights?"  Our lives consist of ball now and we have another one starting Tball next year. Now we know how our parents felt. Our lives are filled with so much fun and awesomeness (my word) and we are so thankful for every minute of it. It brings back so many memories, I am just on the other side of the fence this time. Hal is lucky, he is coaching and gets to be on the field. Turkey!!!!

Off to another adventure,

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