Friday, March 12, 2010

A Birthday to Remember!

This definately is one to remember. Let's see, I woke up this morning feeling like I did the past two mornings. I felt like POOP!!!!! (Sinus infection) Abby told me that she felt horrible and went back to bed. She looked horrible. I went out to the garage to get her some gatorade and saw that there was a leak above the garage door light and the outlet that it was pluged into. FIRE HAZARD!!! I jumped on it and got someone to come in the morning to look for the leak and fix it. Problem solved. I thought. Mom drove up to get one of my shopping list for Abby's party and said "OH NO,  I smell smoke". Yes, she saw the smoke coming from the same area I had called about. 911! They came, sirens and all. I felt imbarresed, but at the same time I did not want my house to burn down. They did not see anything and even did the infarred light thingy to make sure nothing was smoldering. Shew!!!!! I am still nervous. I keep opening the attic doors to check. No sleep for me tonight. We did see that a light had poped and they think it may have shorted. The firefighters assured me that I did the right thing to call and call them again if I needed them. I think they could see how nervous I was. If that wasn't enough, the local tv news van came by. Hello!!! I know they are doing their job, but I am sick as a dog, not dressed, no makeup, hair pulled up in a clip and in my pjs. No, I did not think about this when I called 911, so they had to look at that. I spoke to a wise friend today and she said "whatever I think is bad, they have seen worse." I like that!!! I hope she was right in this case.:) After all this, my family came in from out of town and we had BD cake and opened presents. What a birthday huh? I am alive and the house is still shanding. I am HAPPY!!!!  Thank you Lord for looking after us!!!


Blake lost his first tooth on the top and he looks so cute. So far he is loosing his teeth with funniest stories to go along with them. (remember the tooth fairy) Well this time his top right tooth had been dangling, and in my opinion,  ready to come out. I begged to pull it, but NO! This time he was eating a yogurt parfait and starting yelling "I think I ate my tooth". He looked at me with his mouth wide opened and for sure, there was no tooth. I walked over to the table where he was eating and the white tooth had blended in with the yogurt. He was so relieved and started laughing. Boy, he is quite the character. Never a dull moment with him around. I enjoy every minute of him too!!!

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