Thursday, March 25, 2010

To all you rude people out there, BITE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me start with yesterday. Grant, Mimi and I went to Sams. There was this lady playing with him, pretending she was going too fast. He held out his hand for her to stop. She did and he gave her a $16 ticket.
Such a sweet lady!!!!! Apperently she either had a grandchild/grandchildren or worked with children. So sweet!  This was a normal day for us. 
Today, I went to Hobby Lobby to pick up a few things to get ready for my spring swap. I was in the scrapbooking paper isle. If you've have ever been there you know how little the buggies are. I had a roll of wrapping paper laying accross the front cause Grant was in the back. This lady (?itch) comes by. As I am trying to move the paper and my buggy for her to get by, Grant says "Hey Lady, Hey Lady!" I told him to say Mam. So he says " Mam that will be $20 peees." (he learned from the SWEET lady yesterday) The lady looked at me perturbed and said "You better move his hands." WHAT????????? She repeated!  I went on to say "YOU ARE REDICULOUS!!!!!"  She said "Yes, it is aint it"?(while looking at my son) We went back and forth for a minute. Let me tell you, long story short, I was ready to pounce! You hear of those crazy people in the paper. Well I was about to be one! You don't mess with my babies.
What in the heck are people like that doing out and about. Let me just say, she didn't belong in that section because I have never met a scrapbooker that had no heart. Especially for children. She needed to be locked up somewhere. I was so mad and everytime I think of it my blood boils. I am so thankful that my mother raised me right. I could have said so many things, but I was not about to show my son a bad example.
After she walked off Grant looked at me and said " Mommy, I do noffing wrong?" Absolutley not baby!" I said "I am ashamed of what some people have become" (so she could hear it). Grant is the sweetest child. Always smiling and laughing and talking to everyone. I have never seen a woman so mean. The look in her eyes. I am going to pray for her. She needs it.
                        On to something that makes my heart sing.           
I forgot to take a before picture. I could have kicked my but. It was on the side of the road for sale.  $35 WooHoo!!!!!!
This is the back and the front was close to the same brown and old. It needed a little TLC!
And here it is after with some black paint and some new silver knobs.

OMG!!!!!! She is BEAUTIFUL! Can you believe I am letting her live at my brothers house? I must find him another piece and get her back. This piece reminds me of a piece my Papa used to have that held a record player in it. I am so attached. I love oldies. She has so much character. Tongue and grove drawers. AHHHHHHH I told you she was a find. Love it!!!! 

On a smaller scale. I found this little tray at Hobby Lobby in the 90% off section. It was $20 and I got it for $2. Can't beat that! It was broken, but I had a vision.  
See the chip in the top right?
Add a little flower boquet and some jewelry and there you have it.

A little girls jewelry tray.A diamond in the ruff. So beautiful! 

Look at my little CHEESER.
He helped himself to my brothers cheese puffs while I painted. Now, who could be mean to this. Nobody better, or else. Remember, my mom taught me well! Let's hope tomorrow is a better day.
See yall later,


Michelle Whitlow said...

I'll say it, what a bitch!! Some people just enjoy having a crabby life. What a waste!

Great finds, too!!

Carol said...

what a bitch!!

TangledEutopia said...

I'm passing through on my 6 Degrees Of Seperation Tour! Love Your Layout!