Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Beautiful day for a luau!

Happy Birthday Abby!!!

Saturday was Abby's luau birthday party. We were really scared that morning we were going to be rained out, but it turned out beautiful. Addison and her mother saw a rainbow on their way to the party. Good sign!!!
We started out with this chocolate fountain and I must say was a HUGE hit. Already a request for the next two. Yummy!!!! I had bananas, strawberries, cookies, and angle food cake. Mmmmmmm.

We played games. Here is my birthday girl and friends during the hula hoop contest. My son (in the red) won the contest. He is awesome. He was showing off for the girls and turning around while hula hooping. He also added " Now whatcha got"?  I have trouble on my hands, I can see it now.

We then moved on to the Mummy Wrap game. SOOOO halarious! I googled party games and found this one. Object to this game is to wrap someone completely without tearing the paper. Doesn't look that hard does it?   

Aunt Caren and cousin Carly wrapped up dad. I threw them another roll "just in case".:) 

 We did the limbo, but the Mummy Wrap was hard to beat.

The girls made this one up on their on.They called it  Freeze Dance. When the music stops, you freeze.
I got in on a couple and you have to be on your toes.
They were having so much fun, I had to make them stop for cake and presents. My favorite part!

I forgot to mention to the bakery that Abby is 10 going on 21. Suprisingly, Abby really loved the girls on top. They were Kelly kids and they were cute!
Thank you to our family and friends for coming and celebrating Abby's birthday with us.
It meant a lot to her!


Michelle said...

Looks like you guys had fun! Sorry we missed it. Olivia was still not feeling all that great on Sat.

Kellie said...

Thats OK, we sure did miss her. I could so see her in the middle of freeze dance. I hope she is feeling better.