Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Go Lady Braves!

Yesterday was Abby's first game.  She loved it. They did not win, but it was a good game.They held them for the first 4 innings and then the other team had a really good hit that scored 3 runs. I am so excited for Abby to step out of her comfort zone and try something new. Softball was a really good choice I must say.:)
A wish came true.

This ball got past her, but the next one sure didn't. Way to go sissy!!!!
Abby showing me how to get ready for a ground ball.
  Thank you lord for giving her those long arms and legs.
I guess he didn't have enough to go around when I was born.:) 

Another win!
   Dodgers 2-0

We really have a good group of boys this year and a great group of parents. By good, I mean dedicated. (definately makes a difference) Good coaches! Can you tell I am happy? Our coaches are there for the fun of the game and to teach the fundamentals. Of course they want to win, but they want the boys to love the game as well.  Keep up the good work boys!


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